The bestinworld.info is all about India, and why India is best in world. As a citizen of India, I feel that there no other nation in the world which as lively, as vibrant, and as colorful as India.

Indian culture, it's festivals, it's people and various aspects of its society makes it truly one of the most amazing places to live life.

India has a rich heritage and history. Indian people have been contributing towards the betterment of world over the years through their inventions and wisdom.

India is truly a peace loving and modern nation where people are always hell bent towards improving their lives and making a world a better place to live.

Mother nature has bless India with wide variety of falura and fauna, rivers, trees, hills, and scenery. From north to south and from east to west, India is something to behold.

Even thousands life will be less to truly say and write about this wonderful country. We will explore all about India in this blog.

There is no doubt,

             INDIA Is Best In World