Thursday, 31 March 2016

Smartwatch - Why you need it and best smartwatches

A smartwatch is a sharp, quick, and nimble-witted piece of gadget apt for intelligent people. Most smartwatches are stylish and does things beyond what a normal watch can do.

At best a classical watch does the job of a clock. That is it shows you time like a clock, but instead of looking at the wall you can tie it on your wrist and see the time. It doesn't do anything else i.e. it can do a single task of showing time. Very limited.

But in the modern world we need things that are apt at multitasking. Just like a phone can now do things beyond making and receiving calls, a watch should also be able to do many things.

Over the time techies have developed many gadgets to serve different purposes. For example, we use camera to record video and capture images, a wrist band to measure our pulse rate, blood pressure and other parameters (which tells us if we are keeping up with good health). Apart from modern gadgets, with the advancement of computer programming, we now share information (pictures, videos, and files) via email, and social platforms (facebook, twitter, google plus). We cannot rely only old friends like mail posts and trunk calls.

It is also clear that we need all the things mentioned above to carry out our business smoothly. But can we carry all the gadgets together? Surely we can, but it will come with a price.

And when we talk about price we are not talking about price in terms of cost of individual gadgets. You have to pay in terms of your comfort. You will require to keep track of all your devices. And when it comes to using them together, it surely won't be easy.

Suppose your requirement is to record a video, send a file by email, and in mean time someone calls you while you are doing your work. In this scenario, you will need to use your camera, email client, and a phone simultaneously. Three different devices for three tasks. Surely you can't give your best to all the tasks at once. This cannot be the way you would like to spend each day.

Surely, it's not a right way to carry your life. What you need is a single gadget that can serve multiple purposes and do multiple tasks.

This is where a smartwatch comes into picture. Even a basic smartwatch can do all the above tasks, leave aside the best smartwatches. A smartwatch is like a smartphone with a one difference. While you cannot wear a smartphone on your wrist you can tie a smartwatch easily.

Now, it is also true that your phone also shows time, and people will ask: "what is the need of a smartwatch ?" But than, what is the need of anything. You can ask time form a passerby, use someone else's phone to make a call, and what is the need of camera when you have eyes.

Hope you get the point. Go for a smartwatch, Get one for yourself now.